Friday, November 12, 2010

Design & Reality

*AVL Living Concept Show House: THE PEAK at Bukit Prima,Cheras*

Last Monday, we went to our Show house located at The Peak at Bukit Prima, Cheras Kuala Lumpur. The Show house perhaps will be complete early next month. It's been a year since I've started to work at AVL Living Concept that I had to prepare the design for the show house together with other staff at AVL.

Truthfully, I seldom saw my design to become reality since I work as an Interior Designer. The last three companies I’ve work, most of the work is either the design were rejected, not complete or I couldn’t see the final job done because it was located at *private or restricted* spaces.

As I went to the Show House with my boss, his wife and other staffs, I felt really happy to see my design already complete! Its worth to work hard to see those design already done and that is one of my *masterpiece* especially when I’m the one who done the 3D, Detail Drawings, selecting materials, etc.

I admit that the whole house’s design is not totally my design. At AVL, we’ve worked together as a team. We discuss, we criticize, we've done a lot of research and our boss supports us as our team leader. (Of course he’s the *mastermind* of this project, because he’ll be living there after this and it was his own house!) He guided us a lot since we don’t have enough knowledge plus there were so many things we still need to learn in this design and construction field.

So, here I present a *sneak peak* of our Show House’s bathroom. This is one of the attraction of the Show House because we’ve probably create a big bathroom to show our client’s our capability on designing a modern and classy design.

*The 3D views of the Bathroom with different material's approach.*

*The Final Bathroom Design with different selections of materials*

Do visit our Show House after it'll fully complete this coming December 2010!

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