Sunday, January 23, 2011

THINK: Before You...

Lately I kept thinking what the coincidence is if I’m doing something. If I want to do anything the first thing that will bear in my mind is either the feedback is good or awful to me. Sometimes you realize that you’re thinking too much and it makes you become wretched. You hurt yourself by making early judgment and easily find the finale although deep down inside, the word unsure is still nearby.

But what if you don’t? You would never recognize whatever you’re doing will bring effect to people around you or not. But if you’re doing something for your own sake, then it’ll probably either brings advantage to you neither not!

Likewise, recently there’re such a few person whom doing things without thinking first. Those made me really annoyed. Especially when there’re expressing a direct line that they thought a joke but actually it’s not! See, sometimes your sentences should be arranged word by word. You thought you are truthful but actually you’re hurting the person so badly. And so goes the words:

“It's easier to leave angry words unspoken, then to mend a heart whose words have broken.”

Thus, another thing that I well thought-out as impolite is if the other person who is doing things that he consider as a friendly reminder but it’s actually perform over other’s privacy! This is something that everyone should been aware when attempt something. We always thought that we’re right but sometimes for other people, it’s not.

In a nutshell, each person should think before we’re doing anything. Think before you act, act like you’re thinking. Every action should be thinking twice before the deed began. Don’t forget to keep reminding ourselves that each action we’re taking there will be any consequence that sometimes we could not expected.

I’m hoping that I’ll become something like that too. Avoid misdoing and encourage performing positive acts. Insya-Allah.

That’s why, before you want to do anything, THINK!


  1. maknanya fikir dulu..dan fikir sebelum berfikir lebih baik kan..

  2. fikir sblm berfikir lebih baik..berfikir sebelum *bertindak* dan bertindak seperti sedang berfikir..^_^

  3. oh ohhhh. did i thinking before do it? haha i try my best to control situation


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