Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Pray

I pray to  ALLAH  to give me patience to face all the difficulties

I pray hopefully ALLAH will help me to make my way easier to get married

I pray that  ALLAH  can find my family home to stay after this

I pray to  ALLAH  to help me find the best job after I resign

I pray for  ALLAH  to make him tough due to so many obstacles he has to gone through

I pray that  ALLAH make his mother’s operation success and she can see us getting married

I pray that  ALLAH  give us enough money to get married

I pray to  ALLAH  to send all my girlfriends - BFF a good guy to be their husband ^_^

I pray to  ALLAH  to give all people around me happiness and success in their life both dunia and akhirah…



Oh,anda sangat comel bila anda tinggalkan pesanan!